Ugly white boxes? Not anymore!

We are all familiar with the ugly white square beehives. We see them on TV and in orchards or farms as we drive by on the freeway. They are white to help reflect heat and the boxes are designed to be as cheap as possible. Most of the time when I see them they are so faded and chipped that I can only kind of guess at what color they were originally painted. And when they are not painted white, the colors are so random that it looks like whoever painted them purchased the paint from the return bin at Home Depot.

With the introduction of the backyard beekeeper we now have other options. Since I’m not going for efficiency or the absolute lowest cost, I chose hives made out of cypress wood for natural rot resistance and then stained them with a Brazilian Rosewood Oil followed by an application of polyurethane for protection. Only the outside of a hive receives a treatment. The bees will varnish the inside with a substance they make called propylis. Finally I added a nice pitched copper roof for overall appeal in the garden. My wife was so pleased with the appearance of the hive that she asked me to get a second one. My plan worked!