What is Raw Local Honey?

Raw honey is honey that is straight from the hive. It has not been processed, filtered or heated. You might think that all honey is like that but sadly it isn’t. Most commercial honey has been heated to kill any bacteria or yeast and to make it flow easier during processing and bottling. But honey doesn’t really need this treatment. Honey has such a low moisture content that bacteria and yeast spores cannot grow. So why would anyone heat their honey?

Mostly this is done to aid in processing and bottling but one other reason is that honey is hygroscopic, meaning that it will absorb moisture out of the air. So if you put your honey in a cute little honey pot and you happen to live in a humid area, your honey will eventually absorb enough moisture that bacteria and yeast will begin to grow. This would also likely alter the taste. The solution to this is simple. Store your honey in an air tight container, you know . . . like the rest of your food.

What about filtering? All liquid honey, as opposed to honey still in the comb, needs to be at least strained just to get the large chunks of wax out. But commercial honey is filtered so much that very good ingredients are removed thus taking away much of the health benefits. This is not the case with Fremont Honey. Our honey has little tiny bits of bees wax floating in the jar along with other bee “stuff” such as small amounts of propolis (bee glue) that bees use in their hive. Remember that the bees eat this honey for food and it is perfect just the way they made it. It really doesn’t need man to come in and fix it.

Finally why “local”? Many people believe that local honey made from the nectar and pollen of local flowers can help to curb allergies. A local beekeeper told me that he got into keeping bees because he was tired of taking antihistamines. Since taking about a tablespoon of local honey each day, he hasn’t taken an antihistamine. That was 3 years ago! I have to say that I can tell the difference when I forget to take my local honey. So store bought honey, which mostly comes from South America, won’t help you, even if it’s unprocessed, unfiltered and unheated, unless you move to South America. If that’s the case let me know. I know some great restaurants in Peru.